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Why Bloggers Quit Blogging ? Tips

Why Bloggers Quit Blogging Tips

Now days blogging has grown to be a passion for new students. Everyone has started a free best blog from blogger and they have started blogging. Some people leave blogging due to some reason, they shut down there blog in 3-4 months.


They want to make their blog best, beautiful, appealing  in no time and they want huge traffic should come in their blog within 3 or 4 days. THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE. I have come up with best reasons why Bloggers quit:

They think about money only

Many new bloggers have come into blogging. They think that blogging is an easy task and make money easily. But they don’t realize that it is only through hard work and consistent efforts. The whole world is running behind the money. Best way to make money is to write a Paid guest post for the other sites, you will get good amount of money. “The only method to not consider cash is to own a good deal of it.”

Lack of Interest

People don’t take interest in blogging they only want to earn money that’s why they do blogging. They don’t know about any topics related to blogging. Some bloggers they just copy and paste content from other sites and paste it. If I have to relate this point with an example of  a small child. As the mood of the small child changes according to different situations similarly blogger’s mood also changes very frequently.

Comparison with Other Bloggers

If you are comparing your site with other sites don’t do that. Everyone is born with some
quality and everyone has some unique skills. I know its difficult, not to compare with other bloggers. Don’t think that they have got more comments, more traffic, better pictures, awesome look than your site.  If you have negative thinking then you will not grow.


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