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Indian Girl Tanu Looking Marriage Life Partner Friendship

Hi Guys, my name is Tanu, from West Bengal India. Looking for an honest, honest and dignified life partner. I am a very serious Indian girl in search. I am honest, sincere and loving women looking for love. I hope to face my fate here as soon as possible and move on to a happy family life. I have a very active way of life. I am a very active and creative person, I always move in, because I want to try everything good and presents us with interesting life. I just think that hard work will help achieve everything in life. I do not like to make things or situation complicated. There is even a most difficult solution. How amazing it is to know that someone is waiting for you to work, how wonderful it is to get care, love and support when you need it most. I want this very much for myself, and here we hope to find a man with whom we will establish strong relations. They say that a person needs only three things to be really happy in this world: someone he loves, something he does, and something to hope for on. Marriages are made in the sky, so I think that if you are destined to be together, the distance may be a barrier, and you will find everything in the second half. New, physical condition is not important to me, your personality is what really matters. I am looking for a man of strong family values and respect for women. When I close my eyes, I see near me is not an ordinary man. It is strong and does not give up any problem. But at the same time is tender, kind, appreciative of art and understands me. I think modern techniques have been created to make our lives easier. It will help me find a man in my dreams.

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