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Must Reason of quit Blogging by Bloggers

Must Reason of quit Blogging by Bloggers

No Visitors in the Website

If you are not getting any comments and traffic then don’t be upset. I know its disheartening. You don’t get appreciation for your work.

Here Everyone needs encouragement to work better than before.

When bloggers are not more encouraged by others, then they feel mind pressure. And due to this they quit blogging.

No monthly goals

If you are blogger then you should set up monthly goals for your blog. It will be easy for you to grow your blog. Concentrate on one topic for a week and write the entire thing about the topic. Go deep to the topic write everything that you know or you have read over the internet. This will help you to grow your site.

Set 6 month target

It is related with the above point only. In this people make mistake, they don’t set-up six month goal for their Blog. Think and then decide where you are standing and where you want to go. Set your target, Build Strategy. If your blog is old analyze your blog past history and work according to it only. If these
think you keep in your find your blog will never fail and you will never quite Blogging.

Not Able To Face Failures

In every bloggers life there are ups and downs. You can’t expect success every time. I am giving my example only, I am blogging from the last 2 years. When I started blogging I thought it will be easy for me to blog. But as the time passed I got frustrated, and I deleted the site. After few months, again I started new site with new spirit.

You can’t achieve anything easily you have to do hard work. Be positive and don’t lose your heart. If you are not getting much comment, traffic then don’t be upset. Work Hard To Get Success.

Concentrating on More Things

Many bloggers start there career with writing article, but as the time passes they get engaged with other things also, Like Web designing,  Paid Job and Other activities. They start with multitasking jobs in daily life, this may the cause for the failure of their blog. To overcome this problem makes a schedule for blogging.
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