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Now You Can Go Viral With Infographics

Now You Can Go Viral With Infographics

Online Search engine marketing is not a link building contest anymore. It is now a contest of who can offer by far the most practical and pertinent details that people are seeking and would desire to share with the others. There are so many easy methods to create links. But creating useful information needs time, research and a genuine interest. Use of infographics has become a very effective method of optimizing websites to the get
attention search engines.

What is infographics?

Infographics are a mix of design, writing and analysis that are perfect for a world that is hungry for new content everyday. This method visually communicates with millions of web browsers everyday. In some occasions infographics are used to explain very complex concepts or ideas. Some intricate concepts need a lot of explaining. Sometimes it may take several pages to clearly explain a particular concept. But the same can be very effectively explained using a single infographic. Humans are proven to be more sensitive for visual perception. 90% of the information an average human being receives is in the form of images. So using infographics means tapping into the most effective way of grabbing the attention of a human being.

Retain the attention longer

It was said that the average internet user remains on  a web page for only 5 seconds. So a web page should be effective enough to grab the attention of the user retain the attention to explore the rest of the web page and also web site. Being a very visually stimulating medium, the web pages with infographics have proven to be gaining the user attention.

It will go viral

Back in the day only video clips and images that had a special funny or an interesting element went viral. But now with infographics that is not the case. If your website contains an informative infographic that looks cool and interesting those who see that will share the link of that infographic with the others. Perhaps if the same information was in your website in text form maybe it may not grab the same attention.

And even if one liked the information it is very unlikely they would share the link of your website. But since social networks are very popular among the internet users it is very easy to share interesting links. So it is very easy for infographics to feed on this trend. Currently social networks have become a vital contributor for SEO.

Higher Rankings

When the infographics go viral it will give the website higher search engine rankings. On top of that it will increase the credibility of the website. The maximum use of infographics can be achieved by linking it up to give the maximum exposure. Find the blogs with search engine rankings and place your infographics on those blogs. This is a very simple but very effective way of increasing the SEO. There are link prospecting tools such as Ontolo and Buzz-stream that are extremely useful. These tools automate link prospecting and organization making the process even more smoother.

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