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The Thanksgiving is More Than a Turkey

National holidays are times when households and buddies arrive with each other to celebrate or work for a specific cause. It’s really a time when men and women share joy and heartwarming love with each other. Very last 7 days a similar vacation was celebrated all across America and I had been happy to have the ability to rejoice a fantastic Thanksgiving custom with my friends and family in Buffalo, New York. Thanksgiving is a great tradition, and after celebrating it for the first time, I can say with certainty that Thanksgiving is more than just the freshly roasted turkey or the juicy cranberry sauce. It is a holiday where, students see their parents after a long semester, families get together for a dinner, college students meet with their high school friends and people go for shopping on Black Friday. This Thanksgiving, I visited my uncle in Buffalo, New York, where one of his friend, Andrew, invited us to the dinner with his family. On my visit to Andrew’s house, I saw the lights up on the main entrance of the house, a big pumpkin in the lawn, the Christmas tree was lighting up in the lobby and there were small decorations in the house. I was offered a glass of champagne but I had to refuse it because of my age, but everyone else had few drinks. Andrew grilled the chicken and shrimps. Andrew’s mom roasted the turkey, made the pumpkin pie and made a vegetable entree. She then offered the prayer and we all had dinner together. Later that night we also went to the mall in Buffalo at 2 a.m. for the Black Friday shopping sale. I experienced the American culture and Christian faith by visiting Andrew’s family. This was the first time I celebrated Thanksgiving and went for Black Friday shopping. I am not used to eating a roasted turkey with a champagne mixed in it but I tried it this Thanksgiving. The decorations and lighting in the house were colorful and in Pakistan we use decorate our houses like that in Diwali. I liked the decoration on the real plant as well, and I learned about the history behind the use of trees as well.
It was a unique and memorable experience for me to celebrate Thanksgiving in U.S. and meet my friends after two years. I think thanksgiving is not just a turkey day but its much more than that. I also like the holiday because it brings families together. In Pakistan my family eats together everyday and it is truly a blessing itself to be with the family and eat with them. Although I like the chicken more than the turkey, tasting it with champagne was delicious. Visiting the mall at 2 a.m. is not something I have done before and I was surprised by the number of people standing in the lines in the mall. I also liked the decorations and preparations for Christmas which Andrew’s family started on the day of Thanksgiving. It was a great experience and I would definitely do it again.

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